Franceska Desmarais

Communications Advisor

Franceska is a communications professional who is as dedicated as she is passionate. Having graduated with honours from the University of Ottawa with a bachelor’s degree in public relations, she has a keen interest in international relations and project management.

From the very start of her career in communications, Franceska sought to make a positive impact in her community by working with various organizations at both the local and national levels. Her commitment to improving the quality of life in communities has allowed her to gain considerable experience in the art of sharing information.

Passionate about advertising and media, Franceska has developed a strategic way of thinking that enables her to craft punchy and engaging communication campaigns. However, what really captivates her attention are environmental and sustainable energy issues.

With her enthusiasm for communication and her determination, Franceska Desmarais is a precious asset for Nergica. Her expertise is currently being leveraged to promote green energy and in turn help shape a more sustainable energy future for Canada.