Evaluation of Penetration Rate of PV Systems in Diesel-powered Microgrids

PV Solar Power
Partners: Green Sun Rising
Period of realization: October 2018 to October 2019

In this project, Green Sun Rising (GSR) will be supported by Nergica in order to identify the conditions that must be observed to increase photovoltaic (PV) penetration when installed in hybrid PV-diesel isolated microgrids.

This information will help maximize diesel displacement in remote microgrids throughout Canada without affecting their reliability or performance. GSR will be able to support its clients in the sizing and operation of PV-diesel hybrid systems. Thanks to its full-scale infrastructure, Nergica’s northern research site will be useful for validating the findings and recommendations.


  • Review of restrictions imposed by remote grid operators in Canada on the integration of stochastic renewable energy sources.
  • Evaluation of impact of multiple variables (peak shedding of PV production, PV panel configuration, electricity rates, etc.) on the financial viability of projects and the levelized cost of energy.