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Decentralized and Microgrid Production

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Looking to integrate stand-alone, sustainable renewable energy solutions? We can help you. Nergica owns and operates its own microgrid, which help ensure efficient energy production, distribution and management.

Our microgrid combines a variety of renewable energy sources, storage technologies as well as a thermal generating unit. We also have an ideal full-scale operational environment for research and development. In addition to making our microgrid available as a full-scale laboratory and sharing our proven field expertise, we support businesses, organizations and communities in deploying innovative solutions such as microgrids while promoting energy performance, reliability and profitability.

Join the pioneers of the energy transition and discover how our distributed production and microgrid service can help you seamlessly optimize your use of renewables.

Integrating renewable energy and storage technologies is a key element in the shift toward a low-carbon economy and a more sustainable future. The aim of this integration is to provide a continuous, stable and reliable supply of electricity:

  • Energy storage system: installation of batteries to store locally produced renewable energy.

  • Integration of different sources using energy storage technologies in order to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

  • Planning and management of energy demand.

Our design process begins with an in-depth analysis of your energy requirements and financial objectives as well as the local environment. We take into consideration a number of factors, including:

  • Availability of renewable energy resources.

  • Installation and operational costs.

  • Reliability and security of energy supply.

We also propose exact sizing of the system’s various components to guarantee optimal integration and reliable operation. This entails evaluating the initial energy demand as well as demand throughout the service life of the system, determining the appropriate energy sources (solar, wind, etc.), as well as selecting and configuring components such as solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, converters and load regulators. Our objective is to provide a tailored energy solution that meets your current and future energy needs in order to ensure a high penetration rate on your grid.

To guarantee the successful deployment of your project, we propose the following:

  • Detailed planning of the installation.

  • An experienced R&D team for timely and efficient commissioning.

  • Assistance in research and training for optimal use of your equipment.

By choosing Nergica to optimize your hybrid system, you will enjoy more efficient and more profitable production as well as lower energy costs. Some of the solutions we offer include:

  • Performance assessment of your hybrid systems.

  • Development of load control strategies.

  • Optimization of energy management and production planning.

  • Real-time monitoring and control of your system and its production.

We use advanced simulation methods to predict the energy performance of your system in various environmental and economic conditions. These methods include:

  • Mathematical and physical modelling of renewable energy systems and energy storage equipment.

  • Analysis of power quality and fluctuations in demand.

  • Evaluation of system durability and reliability.

  • Real-time simulation and monitoring.

Digital twins are simulation tools that offer a broad range of advantages with regard to planning and decision-making. Our services cover digital twin design, performance optimization, data collection and analysis, process modelling, content development and much more.

Our services in this regard include:

  • Analysis of costs, advantages, downfalls and opportunities for each solution proposed.

  • Technical assessment of different storage systems available on the market.

Drawing from our know-how and experience, we can also provide you with recommendations on how to ideally implement and use the energy storage system that best suits your needs.

Advanced dynamic control of active/reactive power flows are regulation algorithms that enable the management of production and consumption of electrical energy in real-time, using optimization methods. This service includes preliminary analyses, installation and adjustment of controllers, integration and testing of control systems, and consultation services.

Did you know?
Designed for research and technical validation, the microgrid is a genuine test bench to study the behaviour of a hybrid wind/diesel/solar/storage system.
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