Service – Accelerated Development and Implementation of Technological Innovations

Accelerated Development and Implementation of Technological Innovations

What we can do for you

Is your company striving to say abreast of the latest developments in renewables? We work with businesses to evaluate their potential for developing innovative technologies, help them design strategies to bring them to fruition, and support them in the implementation and commercialization of these innovations. We also provide access to networks of investors, industrial partners and research centres to help you find the necessary resources.

You have a clear vision, and we want to help you make that vision a reality.

We provide a detailed report on the viability of your project, including recommendations on the best means of funding and developing it:

  • Technical analysis: project requirements and technical feasibility.
  • Measurement of technology readiness level (TRL).
  • Financial analysis and comprehensive support to help you get the most out of available programs and grants.
  • Assessment of risks and recommendations for managing them.

Our service includes an in-depth analysis of market data:

  • Assessment of market demand and trends.

We provide know-how and a team of professionals to validate the performance of your technologies and help you successfully develop and deploy them:

  • Our infrastructure is designed so as to enable a high level of compatibility with different systems, which translates into superior flexibility and higher interoperability with other technologies.
  • Case studies and technical audits.
  • Testing and in-the-field comparison of technologies.
  • Validation of sensor performance.

We our well-versed in crafting ideas into concrete solutions thanks to a rigorous prototyping process and the organization of innovative technological showcases:

  • 3D modelling
  • Numerical simulations.
  • Establishment of technological innovation demonstration centres for clients and investors.

Did you know that the majority of ice detectors on today’s market are tested at our site? Nergica offers a full-scale research site comprising state-of-the-art infrastructure including wind turbines, a solar array, met masts, lidars, a wind/solar/diesel microgrid, storage technologies and a real-time simulation platform. Our real-world testing services include:

  • Durability testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Testing in extreme environments and real-world conditions.
  • Safety testing.
Did you know?
Since the debut of the CTO program in 2017, Nergica has supported over 50 SMEs across Canada in different fields by offering consulting and technical/economic assessment services to optimize the use of renewables and promote their integration into the grid.
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For informed decisions and state-of-the-art energy production, contact Hélène Filion, MBA Business Development Director
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