Wind Power

Energy in the Air

Nergica’s span of expertise encompasses the optimization of wind farm performance. Our services cover all aspects of wind power production, from wind potential assessments and wind farm construction to technology selection and repowering.

Owner and operator of a research site that notably includes two 2 MW wind turbines, Nergica has vast experience in research and innovation. Development, technology validation, innovative solutions: harness the wind effectively, anywhere and anytime.

Nergica is an active member of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Task 19 (Wind Energy in Cold Climates) and Task 32 (Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment) expert groups.

Wind turbine in its environment

Cold climate, icing, complex terrain, wake, applied meteorology and impact of climate change on the wind resource.

Wind turbine operation and maintenance

Predictive and preventive maintenance, collection and analysis of operational data, instrumentation, remote detection and telemetry, performance enhancement, turbine service life, inspection and maintenance methods for major components, repowering, health and safety.

Microgrids and distributed energy generation

Wind energy integration, support services for communities and businesses, technology selection, sizing.