Renewable Energy Integration

Redefining Energy Supply

Nergica’s span of expertise encompasses the development of solutions for enhanced integration of renewables. Our services cover all aspects of integrating these energy sources, from assessing the resource and boosting grid reliability to lowering costs and, of course, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Owner and operator of a research site that notably includes a hybrid microgrid (wind-solar PV-diesel) and various energy storage technologies, Nergica has wide-ranging experience in the development and validation of innovative technologies.

At the dawn of a major energy transition, Nergica draws from its expertise to support businesses and communities wishing to develop renewable energy projects or enhance their integration.

Microgrids in their environment

Resource assessment, wind and solar PV production forecasts (short-, medium- and long-term), icing, instrumentation, lidar, sonar, applied meteorology and climate change impacts.

Microgrids and distributed energy generation

Integration of renewables in electrical grids, commercial and industrial processes, energy management, frequency regulation, pairing of multi-source thermal and electrical energies, technology selection, load assessment, sizing, stand-alone grids, resilience microgrids.

Energy transition and Energy 4.0

Reduction of fossil fuel consumption, convergence between renewables, data, mobility, rise of consumer activism.