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Whether they pertain to wind power, solar PV, or integration of renewables, every year Nergica carries out a multitude of projects for its clients and partners from a wide array of backgrounds. Innovation, performance optimization, technical support for businesses… Capitalize on our expertise to drive your projects forward!

Optimal control of a wind turbine with de-icing system through ice...

The Saint-Philémon Wind Farm (STP) in Quebec and the Glen Dhu Wind Energy LP (GDWE) in Nova Scotia are two wind farms operated by Capstone Ltd. that are suffering significant energy losses due to ice accretion on their[...]

Supporting Nunavik’s Energy Transition

Tarquti has an ambitious vision for the energy transition in Nunavik and is committed to the deployment of green energy in several villages. Nergica supports Nunavik's transition.[...]

Feasibility Study for Adaptation of Wind Power Technologies to Cold...

Nergica has conducted a technical analysis of sensors used in the aerospace industry in order to validate whether this technology might be able to detect air flow disturbances on turbine blades during icing events and/or[...]

Evaluation of Penetration Rate of PV Systems in Diesel-powered...

In this project, Green Sun Rising will be supported by Nergica in order to identify the conditions that must be observed to increase photovoltaic (PV) penetration [...]

Assessing the Performance of Turbine Rotor Ice Detector Systems

Nergica compared the performance of three rotor-mounted ice detectors, namely Weidmüller’s BLADEcontrol, fos4X’s Rotor Ice Control and Eologix. [...]

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The project aims to disseminate and promote the research activities and results of the Opten program. [...]

Evaluation of Lighting Intensity Dimming Solution (LIDSTM)

Nergica validated a software program designed to monitor the operational status of lighting systems as well as to adjust their intensity as a function of horizontal visibility [...]

Optimization and Integration of Solar PV in Cold Climates

The PV solar optimization and integration project aimed to identify certain inherent challenges, study the performance of PV systems operating in cold climate conditions. [...]

Opten: Renewables Integration and Energy Storage Technologies...

The objective of the Opten research program is to develop and validate innovative solutions to optimize the integration of renewable energy sources in microgrids. [...]

Performance Assessment of Meteorological Sensors in Icing Conditions

This project was used to develop a methodology to qualify different types of meteorological sensors in icing conditions. The goal was first to provide recommendations on the best sensors to be used in cold climates [...]

Development and Validation of an Ice Prediction Model for Wind Farms

This project focused on the development and validation of the GPEO (formerly known as GLJM) icing and operational energy loss model. [...]

Development of a Maintenance Plan-Integrated Fault Detection Tool for...

This project consisted of integrating blade inspection and repair databases to establish a link between telescopic inspections and subsequent repairs. Three recommendations were made. [...]

Working Group on International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Task 32...

Nergica represents Canada in the International Energy Agency’s working group on the use of lidar for wind energy applications. [...]

International Energy Agency Working Group on Wind Energy in Cold...

Nergica was designated by the Government of Canada to represent the country in the International Energy Agency working group on wind energy in cold climates. [...]
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