PV Solar Power

Energy Shining Bright

Nergica’s span of expertise encompasses the optimization of PV solar facilities. Our services cover all aspects of solar power production, from solar potential assessments and project construction to operation and technology selection.

Owner and operator of a research site that notably includes a 16 kW PV sol‏ar array, Nergica has broad experience in technology development and validation. We apply this know-how to support businesses and communities striving to innovate in the realm of solar power.

Nergica was recently recognized as a college centre for technology transfer (CCTT) for solar power and is affiliated with the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles.

PV solar panels in their environment

Icing, snow, performance, site and panel access, applied meteorology and climate change impacts.

PV solar panel operation and maintenance

Predictive and preventive maintenance, collection and analysis of operational data, instrumentation, remote detection and telemetry, performance enhancement, solar panel service life.

Microgrids and distributed energy generation

Solar panel integration, support services for communities and businesses, technology selection, sizing.