Tarquti Energy, Hydro-Québec and Nergica announce collaborative research project to improve renewables integration in off-grid networks in Nunavik

Nergica is proud to announce a joint research project with Tarquti Energy and Hydro-Québec. This project is made possible by funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and partners.

Press Release

GASPÉ, June 15, 2022 – What is the best way to convert off-grid networks that consume millions of litres of petroleum-based products every year? With the ambitious renewable energy targets adopted by Quebec and Canada, the conversion of these off-grid networks has become a top priority. In this context, Tarquti Energy (hereafter, ‘Tarquti’), Hydro-Québec and Nergica are launching a major collaborative research project that aims to optimize the integration of renewables in Nunavik’s off-grid networks.

Conventional tools are poorly suited to account for Nunavik’s inherent social, technical, economic and climate constraints, which complicate the assessment and economic viability of renewable energy projects. This partnership notably aims to develop a new approach that considers these constraints while ensuring that newly-acquired knowledge is shared with communities across the region.

“Nergica is proud to contribute to this research initiative that will promote Nunavik’s energy transition. I would like to emphasize the commitment of our partner Tarquti in deploying green energy projects throughout the region as well as its involvement with the communities. This research project will ultimately help empower the Inuit with a better understanding of technologies, their applicability and their constraints,” points out Nergica’s general manager Frédéric Côté. Additionally, the vast expertise in off-grid networks of our partner Hydro-Québec will help ensure that the project is adequately suited to the reality of isolated grids,” adds Mr. Côté.

More generally speaking, this research project will help expand knowledge and fine-tune methods and technologies for integrating environmentally-friendly technologies into the off-grid networks of northern remote communities. 

“Nergica is a genuine institution in the field of clean energy, and is internationally recognized for its innovations and commitment to the energy transition in cold climate environments. It is therefore a great source of pride for Tarquti’s team to benefit from the expertise and support of the professionals of the research centre to jump-start the energy transition in Nunavik and transfer their knowledge to our local teams,” states Tarquti general manager Joë Lance.

“This partnership will promote and accelerate the integration of renewables in Nunavik. This is an important initiative that will bring us closer to our objectives of curbing fossil fuel consumption and, by extension, greenhouse gas emissions. Research in the transition and diversification of the energy mix in microgrids is critical, and this project will certainly accelerate this integration while respecting the values of local populations,” emphasizes Patrick Labbé, head of innovation, major projects and conversion at Hydro-Québec’s division of off-grid networks.

“The College and Community Innovation program provides innovative solutions for local and regional challenges through the expertise of Canadian colleges. On behalf of the Tri-agencies, I would like to congratulate all college recipients and their industry and community partners who provide social, economic and environmental benefits to communities of all sizes across the country.”, said Alejandro Adem, President, NSERC.

The three-year project is evaluated at over $1 million. We would like to express our gratitude to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Hydro-Québec and Tarquti for their financial support.


About Tarquti Energy

Established in 2017, Tarquti is a Nunavik-owned company that carries out clean-energy projects adapted to the needs and interests of each of the communities in Nunavik, all while promoting local job creation. Tarquti is leading Nunavik’s energy transition and planning for a better future for the region that is environmentally friendly and respects Inuit values. www.tarquti.ca

About Hydro-Québec’s off-grid systems

Hydro-Québec operates approximately 20 thermal generating stations to supply electricity to remote communities that cannot be connected to the main grid. While these facilities account for only a very small portion of the power generated by Hydro-Québec (less than 1%), they are responsible for about 43% of its greenhouse gas emissions. Hydro-Québec aims to convert its off-grid systems to attain an 80% renewable supply by 2030.

About Nergica 

Nergica is a Canadian centre of applied research that stimulates innovation in the renewable energy industry through research, technical assistance, technology transfer and technical support for businesses and communities. Its mission: to create new opportunities for renewable energy. More precisely, Nergica specializes in developing solutions for renewable energy integration, optimizing wind farm and solar array performance and supporting growing SMEs. Formerly known as the TechnoCentre éolien, Nergica has been active for over 20 years in the renewable energy sector. www.nergica.com


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Nergica’s team is mobilized to catalyze Nunavik’s energy transition through several projects in partnership with Tarquti. Our specialists working on this research project with Tarquti and Hydro-Québec are

Administrative and scientific management of the project : 
Marilys Clément, project manager, research and innovation


Renewable energy integration experts :