Storage Braindate

How can energy storage contribute to Quebec’s energy transition?

March 25, 2021 | 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


One-on-one or group networking and knowledge sharing meeting dedicated to a topic of mutual interest

Several heads are better than one! Are you interested in energy storage and its multiple applications? Are you involved in the development of these systems or do you wish to educate yourself and use these technologies?

Come and chat with others about opportunities, challenges, solutions and innovations in this sector! By brainstorming together, we can take the energy storage sector to the next level!

This forum will bring together – virtually, of course – energy storage professionals from across Quebec to forge authentic connections and discuss current issues.

Propose storage-related topics and send out invitations for one-on-one or group braindates [1] to take advantage of video discussions on the Braindate platform.

Why participate?

  • For stimulating, thought-provoking conversations
  • To explore different viewpoints with your peers at a group braindate
  • To take advantage of the expertise of well known industry players or the innovative ideas of newcomers to the sector
  • To create a custom learning experience where you choose the topics that matter most to you
  • To expand your network through in-depth and memorable exchanges that could prove to be transformational

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A braindate is a knowledge-sharing conversation between two or more individuals on a topic of mutual interest. Braindates are designed to facilitate enriching exchanges with the goal that each party will walk away from the event with the ideas and tools necessary to generate positive changes within their respective field or organization. These discussions are brought to you by e180, a Montréal-based company whose mission is to promote peer learning.