Two research centres team up to study the impacts of climate change on wind energy potential

Ouranos, a research consortium dedicated to regional climatology and climate change adaptation, and Nergica, an applied research centre specializing in renewable energy, are pleased to announce the start of a research project that aims to assess the impact that climate change will have on wind energy potential in the decades to come. The project will be carried out in a partnership with Hydro-Québec, Manitoba Hydro, Ontario Power Generation and the Quebec Wind Energy Cluster.


  • To date, very few studies have been conducted that take climate change into account when assessing future wind potential in Canada.
  • The effect of climate change on wind regimes and icing events must be taken into account in order to ensure the best planning possible for repowering wind turbines operating in cold climates.
  • Canadian grid operators Hydro-Québec, Manitoba Hydro and Ontario Power Generation will be partners in this study.