Collaboration Agreement between Nergica and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Gaspé, Quebec-based Nergica and Calgary’s Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Applied Research and Innovations Services, recently signed a collaboration agreement to carry out potential renewable energy research projects.

Nergica, an applied research centre, and SAIT’s Applied Research Office share a number of interests in terms of research and development activities in the field of renewable energy integration.

Nergica’s expertise in energy production and management complements that of SAIT’s Green Building Technology TAC (Technology Access Centre), which is geared toward green buildings and energy efficiency. The agreement may also help pave the way for joint research projects. Notably, this collaboration will allow both organizations to expand their respective presence in Canada.

SAIT is currently hosting Nergica’s Nigel Swytink-Binnema (Analyst, Research and Innovation) at its Calgary offices.

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