Haifa Souifi

Project Manager, Research and Innovation

With a diversified academic background in the fields of engineering and energy, Haifa boasts vast expertise in various fields such as grid planning, renewable energy, metaheuristic-based optimization, mechanical ventilation systems and the Internet of things.

She owes this expertise in part to a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, followed by two PhDs, one in electrical engineering and the other in applied sciences. Throughout her career, Haifa has taken on many roles, including director of engineering R&D, post-doctoral researcher, research assistant, lecturer, and associate professor at Université de Moncton.

Her commitment to research and development has led her to participate in a number of captivating projects. As a prolific researcher, she has published numerous articles in renowned periodicals and spoken at many conferences.

Aiming to give new impetus to her career, Haifa joined Nergica’s team as project manager, research and innovation. Her objective is to apply her vast know-how to the development and integration of renewables in the industry and in remote communities.