Designed for research and technical validation, the microgrid is a genuine test bench to study the behaviour of a hybrid wind/diesel/solar/storage system. The microgrid allows Nergica to position itself as a leader in the field of smart integration of renewables in microgrids.

Main features
  • Multisource microgrid PV/wind/diesel/storage technologies (200 kW)
  • Mode of operation: distributed or isolated microgrid
  • Two diesel generators with CVT transmission (2 X 45 kW)
  • 50 kW electric generator
  • Resistive load bank (200 kW)
  • Static VAR compensator (225 kVAR)
  • Two Éocycle EO-25 wind turbines (2 X 25 kW)
  • 16 kW PV solar array
  • Compressed air storage solution
Achievements | Examples of projects carried out on the basis of this infrastructure