Webinar | Get the edge in cold climate with Icetek ice conditions monitoring system

Icetek tool for monitoring icing conditions

Past Event
December 13, 2023
Free virtual event

The Icetek Ice Monitoring System is a revolutionary instrument used to improve the performance of ice-affected wind turbines. This instrument installed on the nacelle detects and quantifies ice events, as well as many meteorological characteristics. It has been adopted by several wind farm operators and technology providers in Canada.

In this webinar produced by Icetek and hosted by Nergica, cold climate experts and users of the Atmospheric Ice Detection System discuss how the Icetek detector is used and the benefits of relying on this new technology.

The panelists :

  • Olivier Fortin-Moreau, CTO and Engineering director, Icetek
  • Daniela Roeper, Vice President, Borealiswind
  • John Kirby, Senior Manager, Wind Operations
  • Mike Morrow, Director, Operations, Natural Forces
  • Charles Godreau, M. Ing., PMP / P. Eng., M. Eng., PMP, Gestionnaire de programme, recherche et innovation


Learn more about this Canadian technology that ensures maximum efficiency of wind farms operating in cold weather conditions :

This webinar was produced by @Icetek and organized by @Nergica.
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