Nergica hosts cohort of interns and research assistants for summer

This summer, Nergica is hosting a record 14 college and university interns. These students are collaborating in our different projects while taking advantages of our full-scale outdoor research infrastructures and coaching by our researchers.

  • Students are notably working on the following projects:
  • Under-performance of diesel generators A compressed air energy storage system
  • Design of a test bench for PV solar panels
  • Capacity factor for wind and solar energy
  • Impact of climate change on wind power potential
  • Projects related to the Opten research program on optimizing the integration of renewables in microgrids

Our college and university interns, from left to righton the banner photo: Delphine Therer-Michaud, Émilie Gauthier, Camille St-Arneault, Marie-Pier Méthot, Marie-Pier Buteau, Paul Ménard, Mathias Labrune, Pierre-Olivier Chouinard, Julien Samuel, Max Deck-Léger and Jeffrey Langlois.

Absent from photo: Marc-Olivier Savage, Scott Chalmers and Dany Paquin

With the hiring of these interns, Nergica is paving the way for the arrival of the next generation and contributing to the development of renewable energies.

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