Press Release: Release of a pan-Canadian study – No significant impact of climate change on wind power potential

Gaspé, May 24, 2023 — Nergica, in collaboration with Ouranos and Hydro-Québec, is releasing today the results of a study on the impact of climate change on wind power potential in North America. The conclusions drawn are very reassuring for the future of wind power in Canada: No significant changes in wind production are anticipated over the next few decades. Wind is a mature technology that will remain economically viable and suitable to play a central role in the energy transition in Canada, despite the onset of climate change. 

In a context where climate change is increasingly disrupting the environment and the balance of ecosystems, renewable energy sources, as replacements for fossil fuels, are one of the main pathways for reducing the potential magnitude of the consequences associated with these changes. Wind in particular has a paramount role to play in the shift toward a low-carbon economy. However, one question is worth asking: Are these technologies also at risk with regard to climate change, which would undermine the relevance of their contribution to the energy transition?  

Conducted over a five-year period, this study analyzed the impact of climate change on wind, icing, and wind energy production by comparing a future period (2031-2060) to an historical period (1981-2010). In conclusion: Our results suggest that wind, like icing, will not be significantly affected by climate change. Wind power will therefore remain a key technology in Canada’s energy future to reduce fossil fuel dependence while satisfying rising energy demand. 

Highlights of the study: 

  • This study shows that, in terms of wind regimes and ice conditions for the future period (2031-2060), climate change will not have significant adverse impacts on Canada’s wind power production.  
  • The study allows decision-makers to better gauge the risks associated with climate change on the wind industry and to take well-informed decisions for the promising future of this renewable energy source. 
  • These results allow Canadian grid operators to improve their long-term wind planning and increase reliability. 
  • This study confirms that wind power will continue to play a central role in Canada’s energy future and contribute to net-zero targets for the electricity grid by 2035 against a backdrop of growing energy demand. 

“This study represents a significant contribution to our understanding of wind potential in Canada. By integrating for the first time the effects of climate change on icing, which represents a significant source of energy and financial losses for wind farms, the results are applicable to the cold Canadian climate and confirm that the country’s wind potential will remain stable for decades to come. Consequently, wind power is a choice solution to address the challenges of the energy transition,” explains Marilys Clément, Nergica project manager for research and innovation and project lead. 

“The demonstration of climate change’s negligible impact on wind energy production in Canada is one of the few bright spots in a list of negative impacts. We are delighted that our regional climate simulations were able to factor in icing events and wind regimes as part of this innovative assessment of the future of wind energy production. This source of renewable energy will remain an efficient and reliable means of meeting growing energy needs while contributing to a low-carbon economy. This study is at the heart of our vision for cohesion between the scientific community and those who work in the field of adaptation,” mentions Alain Bourque, executive director of Ouranos.  

“Wind power is poised to play a growing role in the electrification of our economy. Indeed, by 2030, wind capacity in Quebec will double and will continue to expand thereafter. This study will not only be highly useful in planning our energy resources, but its conclusions also confirm that despite the impacts of climate change, wind power production will be capable of supplying Quebec with electricity,” explains Kim Robitaille, Director – Energy System Control Planning, Hydro-Québec. 

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About Nergica   

Nergica is a Canadian centre of applied research that stimulates innovation in the renewable energy industry through research, technical assistance, technology transfer and technical support for businesses and communities. Its mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of renewable energy. More precisely, Nergica specializes in developing solutions for renewable energy integration, optimizing wind farm and solar array performance and supporting the growth and expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises. Nergica has been active in renewables for over 20 years. 

About Ouranos 

Created in 2001, Ouranos was born out of the shared vision of the Government of Quebec, Hydro-Québec and Environment Canada, with the financial support of Valorisation-Recherche-Québec. Drawing from a network of approximately 450 researchers and professionals from a variety of disciplines, the consortium focuses on climate science and related vulnerabilities, impacts and adaptation. The organization strives to acquire and develop knowledge on climate change and its impacts as well as relevant socio-economic and environmental vulnerabilities to inform policymakers on climate trends and advise them on identifying, evaluating, promoting and implementing local and regional adaptation strategies.   

About Hydro-Québec 

Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. It is Canada’s largest electricity producer and one of the top hydroelectric power producers in the world. Its sole shareholder is the Quebec government. By exploiting clean, renewable energy sources, the utility contributes to the collective wealth of the province while playing a central role in establishing a green, sustainable economy.  

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Contact :

Maryse Paquette
Directrice, communications et marketing, Nergica
+1 418 271-1001