Optimization and Integration of Solar PV in Cold Climates

PV Solar Power
Partners: CanmetENERGY
Period of realization: November 2016 to September 2019

The PV solar optimization and integration project aimed to identify certain inherent challenges, study the performance of PV systems operating in cold climate conditions, and describe the impact of integrating PV into stand-alone, fossil fuel-reliant microgrids.

Comprehensive analyses were conducted thanks to the PV system recently installed at Nergica’s research site and instrumentation that exceeds industry standards. In this regard, these infrastructures were used to assess the impact of various climate conditions on energy production.


  • Design and deployment of Nergica’s PV system.
  • Performance assessment of PV system operating in cold climate conditions using performance ratio.
  • Estimate of impact of snow cover on PV system’s energy production.