Working Group on International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Task 32 “IEA Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment”

Wind Power
Partners: International Energy Agency
Period of realization: 2012-2019

Nergica represents Canada in the International Energy Agency’s working group on the use of lidar for wind energy applications. The “IEA Wind Task 32” group brings together experts from different countries that collaborate to identify and mitigate obstacles to the use of lidar for four wind energy applications: resource assessment, energy performance, load control and complex flows.

This activity represents an international platform for the exchange of experiences related to research activities, lidar performance projects, the identification of future research, development and standardization needs, as well as for a synthesis of skills and best practices.

All of the group’s publications are available at no charge on the International Energy Agency website.


  • Sharing of know-how and state of the art in the field of wind power applications for lidar.
  • International gathering of experts from 12 countries to share experiences and best practices.
  • Work activity ongoing since 2012.